Exotic India Journey
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Where on India should you go for vacation this year?

Goa - It is India’s gem. Gifted with oldest structures, a sundrenched coastline and turquoise seas it is largely unspoilt by the hordes yet with its fair share of super Yachts and glamorous a listens. It offers a fabulous cultural heritage, superb beaches and has some of the wonderful view in the region.Kerala Culture

Kerala :

Colorful and Exotic! It is a home to a fusion of latest culture, Marathi and Sindhi cultures. There are boutique raids, chic hotels and wonderful spots with beautiful scenery. Suits the sedate leisure travelers interested in culture, cuisine and history as well as more filmy kinds who seek a glance of many bollywood hero’s bungalow.

Rajasthan :

Rajasthan TourThere is something for everyone here from huge deserts to jungle, ancient Palaces to mesmerizing forts, shining mountain peaks to bustling modern cities. It is beautiful and diverse, with breathtaking vistas, numerous cultures, cuisines, Handicrafts, music and art forms. Rajasthan offers luxurious destination experiences at great value.

Agra :

Beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt, this is a city which appeals to any tourist. It has an ancient culture, world heritage sites, pleasant citizens, a tough fabric and handicraft practice. Natural wonders are abundant too with the majestic Yamuna River at the city.

Delhi :India Gate

One of India’s most intriguing and fascination destinations, Delhi are a profusion of historic monuments and cultural attractions. See the extraordinary contrasts of Lotus temple, Red Fort, India Gate, Aksardham temple, museums, and etc.

Andaman and Nikobar :

Quaint historic villages, seaside towns, national parks, fine food and wine and exquisite boutique accommodation make Andaman & Nikobar a unique and fascinating short haul getaway. It is also a hub of Old & New art museum. Be it cultural break, a religious refresh, an informative wildlife come across or a lively adventure there is something in India to feel and see. Happy travels!