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Now we'll show you how to turn your Web site into a full-featured online store, step by step.

If you have multiple items for sale i.e if you have registered with CCAvenue for using our shopping cart interface only, then you need to place a Shopping Cart button at the top and bottom of the shopping area on each of your pages.This allows customers to either view the contents of their shopping cart, or pay and finish. The button looks like this: View Shopping Cart / Checkout The HTML code to generate this button is: View Shopping Cart/Checkout

If you are going to create a graphical version of this button instead, the code would be:

You also need to place a Product button near each product description on your shopping pages.(see our Demo Shop for a demonstration). When a customer presses a Product Button, we'll add that product to the customer's shopping cart. We'll then give the customer an opportunity to select quantities and product varieties, if any. The customer can then select more items to purchase, or pay and finish.You can select a different style for these buttons Say the button looks like this: Add to cart The HTML code to generate this button is: Add to cart/Checkout

If you are going to create a graphical version of this button instead, the code would be:

Note the red text, continue-page and productID in the examples above. In place of continue-page, insert the address of the Main Shopping page at your Web site. (This usually starts with http:// or www.) When the customer presses the "Add More Items" button from a CCAvenue page, we will send the customer back to the continue-page address that you specify.
For small shops, you'll probably want us to send the customer back to the page from where he/she originally clicked on this link. Larger shops might want to send the customer to a search page in order to browse for his/her next product.
productID refers to the actual product id of each product that exists in your shop.This is an identifier used by your Web page to communicate with CCAvenue's software. It tells CCAvenue which product is being selected when a customer clicks on the "Add to Cart" button for that product. The product ID number can be any combination of letters, numbers, and dashes (-) Please note that each product entry is required to be made via the Your Products interface.