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Luxury Holidays in India

Luxury Holidays in India has become a boon for the tourists who are coming to the land of India along with a lot of expectations from this land who chants "Athithi Devo Bhava" that reconciles the truth of “Guest is God”. India Ranks in the top ten positions when it comes to the touring destinations. Most many of the tourists have quoted that importantly the place gives you a taste of it’s very thought of "Unity in Diversity" that it abides by. India has been endowing its vacationers with the best of services and hospitality facilities for over a decade from now.

During your Luxury travel and tours in India you can opt to take up the best of your India Travel to the temple tours, breathtaking valleys, the romancing mountain peaks of the great Himalayas, the sand dunes of the Deserts, the playful waters of the beaches, the astonishing golden triangle tour of the south and the north, the appealing cultural traditions and the religious temples etc all present you with the luxurious facilities when you visit the mother land of India. When you are more interested to find out the historical facts or entertain yourself by taking a break from your busy work schedules during your tour period you must avail your luxury packages to tour in India.

Each state of India presents its tourists with the best of the things that they can do when they come to India for their India Trip. This very statement gives you the hint that India is a vast country and at the very same time it is rich and diverse at options for its tourists to be presented with. Be it the small towns or the metropolitan cities, all are connected in a different way or the other to its route by the accurate means of communication. The transport modes like that of the Luxury trains, airways, roadways etc are the perfect means to travel to India and get to know the luxurious places with your Luxury tour packages to India.
You must take up your tour to the Palace on Wheels if you want to really feel the luxury of India. Palace on wheels is the Luxury Train of India which will take you to the best of the destinations of India and also give you the royal treatment like that of the kings and the queens used to get during the ancient times of India. Your India Travel Packages of the Luxury Train tours of the Palace on Wheels Train starts during the month of September to April and is not operational during the month duration of May to Dec ust.

Luxury Trains of India are well thought-out as an embodiment of luxury plus it presents you with the majestic knowledge besides other tastes like that of delight, ease, venture and exquisiteness. Such trains are surrounded by the mainly famous as well as exceptional destinations of the far-fetched India. These trains are the correct medium to re-affirm to the period of the raja’s and the maharajas along with their spectacular standard of living.
India provides its tourists with a few renowned luxurious trains like that of the Golden Chariot, the Deccan Odyssey, The Palace on Wheels, The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, The Indian Maharaja, Splendor of the South etc which meets all the requirements of the tourists who fancy luxury holiday packages in India.