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Kumbha Mela making your sense pure and untainted

Visiting India? A spiritual dip at Allahabad you must not miss to experience! Undoubtedly, India is an incredible land and its festivals are the best way to discover the country. Bright, lively and cultural- here I have added some informative details on Kumbha Mela so that you can get a quick knowledge about this.

Popular as : Kumbha Mela

When to happen : January 27th Feb 25, 2013

Where to happen : Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh Why you have to visit :

Well, India experience a lot of major festivals throughout the year in its land but Kumbha Mela is the biggest festival amongst all festivals in India. The spiritual Mela is witnessed by more than 5 million people across the world within a period of a month. Just think how much it keeps value in the heart of people. The Mela is coming together of Hindu devotees who flock to the Ghats of Allahabad to present their devotion by taking a bath in the holy River Ganga water. People consider that taking a dip in the water of Sangam may wash their all sins that they has done before. Morning bath is considered as more pure as rest of the day. A complete visual delight is the morning Aarti where millions of people standing on the Ghats to perform Aarti. Really seeing this vista you will definitely fall in love about India and never want to go back from here. You can also get yummy street food wrapped in variety of sweets. Though, everything is vegetarian so it is advisable that you satisfy your non-vegetarian appetite after celebrating Kumbha Mela. Must visit Allahabad on this occasion and mark your presence in front of the God to seek blessings and prosperity. Enjoy your time while roaming around the Mela and observe some unique activities of people.

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