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Explore the fabulous things of Delhi

Explore the fabulous things of DelhiA residence of the number of Hindu temples, India’s biggest mosque and various shopping mall, Delhi is nothing just a fascinating world of the lovely people. But its charms and splendor creates a unique environment for every visitor. Delhi is also a tranquil city in the country. Instead of turning into a metropolitan city with great option for global commerce, technology, media and fashion, it has awarded as green city of India where whole greenery given into gardens, parks and protected woodlands. It is also amazingly dissimilar with millions of languages, cultures, traditions and powers synchronized- not just Indian but growing global ones as well.

Don’t Miss to see whenever you come to Delhi tour
1. A splendid 16th century Moghul monument, Humayun’s tomb is one of the best Mughal architecture that is designed on the base of the Taj Mahal. The wonderful structure experience a number of travelers every day and in certain weekday when the grounds are un-crowded then a number of pigeons come here to enjoy the loneliness of the monuments.

2. Beside the tomb there is a Mosque called Nizamuddin’s shrine where every Thursday Sufi Qawwali singers perform on number of Sufi songs and entertain the audience. Ask your taxi driver to take you there and also hire guide who will explain you the interesting history of this mosque.

3. Take a walk to the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk which falls in old Delhi. It is a very big market and packed with all the things which you want to buy right from home decoration to different types of attire. The market looks elegant at the night where lights lighten the whole place.
Delhi will always remain a special place for travelers and for various tour packages like Golden triangle tour and others. Your one time visit will give you mesmerizing memory for whole life.