Exotic India Journey
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Experience the payoff of yesteryear and the sparkle of present
Holding the third position in the world, India has biggest rail networks which invite travelers notluxury trian only from India but also from International to discover its hidden treasures. Along with the normal train that runs for the comfort of the people, there are few luxury trains that are operated combinable by the government of India and respective state tourism department. All these trains have been made especially for tourists. These wonderful and imperial trains take its tourists on a wonderful sojourn for an unforgettable tour through the most beautiful and interesting spots of India. These heritage trains cover all those destinations where Indian culture and history lies in a unique way.

Apart from heritage trains, there are also toy trains in the country which have their own charms and uniqueness. Running on a narrow path, these trains remind the ancient era of India while showcasing the natural scenic charms of the country.
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Definitely, you would think that what is quite magnetic in these trains that attract millions of tourists to book their tickets. And your answer is the kind of treatment offered by these trains to its passengers. Even as soon as you step into these trains you will feel transported to a completely different world when life was passing through very easy with luxury and comfort.
A trip to these beautiful trains will also allow you to shake hand with other people belonging to various religion and communities. It will make to able to understand the bond or strength about the cultural assortment of India. Embark on a journey with these elegant trains and get a chance to explore a number of tourist places in India. Feel the royalty of former times and the liveliness of present.