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About Delhi :
The incredible India has become a center of attraction of its combined objective-in fashion, business, tourism and more.

Delhi has been portrayed as a "lovely city".

Mumbai is famous for bollywood and the financial markets, Kolkata is for its intellectual life, and Varanasi is for holy Ganges, but what makes Delhi a different city is its political activities. Once the solitary field of government administrators and clerks, it is now also an international center of languages, ethnicities and programs that coexist here, Delhi is not possible to pin down. Even the source of its name is uncertain. One likely resource is the Persian "Dehleez" an appropriate mark for a town full of arrivistes. Vacationers, too, as seen Delhi as a doorway to be passed through, rapidly, on the journey to more wonderful spots: Goa, Jaipur, the Taj Mahal.

An address of India’s largest mosque, the world’s biggest Hindu Temple and south Asia’s largest shopping mall, the capital is zero if not extra-large. “The one constant individuality Delhi has always had is that of authority, which has been its exceptional selling tip for centuries,” writes Ranjana Sengupta in her perceptive new book, "Delhi Metropolitan". Power has taken numerous shapes here-from the sandstone fortress of the Mughals and the palaces of the Raja to the Hi-Tech parks and call centers of the today. But the capital can also mesmerize you with close moments: on the soothing soils of Humayun’s Tomb, where only the wave of pigeon wings ruptures the persistent hush; in the chilly, shell-like hall of the Baha’i Lotus Temple, from which the scream of the city seems miles away; in the magnetic Sufi Qawwali singing at Nizamuddin’s holy place; even in the peaceful corners of Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi), where vehicle horns ask you to give way.

You will also feel how interesting Delhi is. Roam in a taxi and see mere blocks from Parliament, you will start astonish as you will pass a dense and seemingly endless forest. The Parliament is just a "forest" a forest in a town of millions of people!