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Buddhist Tours

Buddhist tour is a way to get enlightenment in your life and you can say a spiritual journey which shows the path of practice and spiritual growth. It is a popular tour which is followed by millions of pilgrims across the world. At the time of your journey you will be able to explore the most holy places which is really belongs to Lord Buddha. Mostly all the places of Buddha in India are famous across the world where you can come across with the real life of Lord Buddha and his lessons. Some of the well known places which are comprised in the Buddhist Tour are stated below.

Lumbini :

lumbiniDue to a birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini is most recognized pilgrimage place amongst tourists. People love to come over here as they get awareness and knowledge associated to Buddhism. Lumbini is situated at the foothills of Himalayas in India and Nepal Boarder and offers you some best places to mesmerize yourself like Puskarni, Maya Devi Temple, The Ashokan Pillar, The China Temple, Buddhist Temple, Japan peace stupa and etc.

Bodhgaya :

bodhgaya An important place where Lord Buddha got his first enlightenment is situated at Bihar State. It is located at a drive of 12 km from Gaya city. It is said that it is that place where Lord Gautama used to sit for meditation beneath a Bodhi tree. The place has a foot print of Lord Buddha which is seen as a great respect. Some of the most attracting charms of this place are Mahabodhi Temple, Monasteries, Mahabodhi tree and etc.

Sarnath :

sarnath This beautiful and religious spot is dotted very near to Ghat City Varanasi. Here you can come across with the fact that what were the real thoughts of Lord Buddha towards life. Apart from these you can visit vital Buddhist shrines at Sarnath are Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamekha Stupa, temples and monasteries. Also visit the different schools of Buddhism from China, Japan, Burma, Thiland and others.

Kushainagar :

kushainagarPositioned at the state of Uttarakhand, this place is popular for having the last memories of the Lord Buddha. According to the legend Lord Buddha suffered from very much ill and spent his last time over here. Now it is much frequented pilgrimage site for Inbound and outbound tourists. It is considered as one of the four major Buddhist pilgrimage locations connected to the existence of Gautama Buddha. There are two places here which are frequently visited by pilgrims are the passing away place and cremation place.