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Best of Southern Jungle

Best of Southern Jungle

06 Nights / 07 Days
Bangalore - Mysore - Nagarahole - Bandipur - B.R. Hills - Bangalore

Tour Itinerary

Day 01 : Bangalore - Mysore
tipu sultans fort Upon your arrival at the city of Bengaluru we shall progress to Mysore. Upon arrival we will check-in at the hotel and freshen up. After a while we will enjoy our ravishing lunch and take pleasure visiting the places like that of Tipu Sultan’s fort, Mosque, Sriranganatha Temple, Mysore Tiger Fort, Brindavan Garden, Chamundi Hill, mosques etc. You may take up the trekking for the day and after being the eye spectator to all of the surroundings. After dinner take a happy and a blissful nap till the morning comes.

Day 02 : Mysore - Nagarahole National Park
nagarahole national park Early sunup we shall progress and make tracks to the Nagarahole National Park and take you the lip smacking lunch after a tiring journey. After a period of relaxation we shall explore the wildlife in Nature. Retreat before the daylight hours of the time and take pleasure in your dinner followed by a peaceful nap for the night.

Day 03 : Nagarahole National Park - Bandipur
Early sunup we shall take up the trekking at the Gopala swamy Betta and retreat to the safari lodge and take up your mouthwatering breakfast. After a point of relaxation we will enjoy the lunch and progress towards the wildlife juncture and come back to the base camp for a lavishing dinner and stay at the hotel for the hours of darkness.

Day 04 : Bandipur enquire
Post sunup we shall go out for trekking and later come back to freshen up. After a yummy breakfast we shall leave for visit the Madumalai wildlife sanctuary. We shall retreat to the hotel later and leisure till the day ends.

Day 05 : Bandipur - B.R. Hills K Gudi wildlife camp
bandipur wild lfe Early sunup we will take a phantom ride with the elephants and explore the nearby villages. When we retreat to the hotel we shall freshen up, enjoy the breakfast and leave for nature’s gift of the B.R Hills. After some exploration we shall take up lunch at the B.R.T Camp and then a jeep safari in the evening to retreat to our way back campsite.

Day 06 : B.R Hills K. Gudi Wilderness Camp
This morning we shall swirl around with our wildlife tour and post breakfast visit the numerous temples nearby for our spiritual satisfaction. Then again a jeep safari in the evening would be the icing on the cake and then retreat to the campsite for the night time.

Day 07 : B. R. Hills - K. Gudi Wilderness Camp - Bangalore
enquireAfter we are done and we are aware that today our Best of Southern Jungle tour comes to an end, it’s time to bid goodbye to the campsite and progress to Bengaluru for your further journey to your homeland.

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